A Note on Output Compare (PWM) Module of PIC24E

A while ago on http://www.controlsystemslab.com (no longer maintained), we present an article on DC motor open-loop speed control , using a simple voltage command from ADC to drive the H-bridge driver. The PWM output is generated from output compare module of the dsPIC30F2010. That 16-bit digital signal processor is now quite dated. The reader would want to implement the scheme on a newer microcontroller.

At the time of this writing, PIC24EP (and dsPIC33E) series from Microchip is the latest product in the 16-bit range that could run at 70 MIPS performance. For those who want to port the code to PIC24EP, unfortunately, you have to modify the ADC and PWM routines. In this article we focus on the latter.
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