Verifying PIC24EP Clock Frequency by UART Module

In our previous article Configure PIC24 to run at 70 MIPS , I suggested a way to verify whether the PIC24E run at 70 MIPS by setting a timer output and measuring its period using an oscilloscope. If you are a normal person like me who does not have a scope sitting next to the computer, this approach might be infeasible (so why I proposed it in the first place? Doh!). Anyway, there is some other way that does not need a lab instrument. How about this? Let try setting up an asynchronous communication like UART. If the baud rate on the PIC24EP does not match that on the other side, say, our PC, then they couldn’t talk. To set up the baud rate, we have to put FCY = 70M into the equation. If the clock deviates from that value just a little bit, communcation would fail. Above all, we have a chance to learn how to set up UART communcation on the PIC24EP.
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